Total Site Work – Hickory NC

JK Landscaping & Grading Inc. provides total site work and preparation for commercial and residential projects of all sizes. Services include land clearing, grading excavation, basement excavation, storm drainage, erosion control and retention systems, footings, water/sewer installation and demolition. In addition, the company operates a full fleet of up-to-date heavy equipment and dump trucks capable of asphalt, dirt and stone hauling should the project require it.

As a NCDOT-approved PO Prime Contractor/Subcontractor, JK Landscaping & Grading can provide professional turnkey total site work or partial preparation, whichever the client prefers. Experienced employees oversee all facets of the work from start to finish and all stages in between. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 828-322-6175.

JK Landscaping & Grading, Inc. is capable of doing Total Site Preparation. We offer land clearing, basement excavation, storm drainage, grading, retentions systems, water and sewer installation and demolition. JKLG can complete site work from start to finish.

JKLG is a Licensed General Contractor in Highway and PU Waterlines and Sewer lines. JKLG is NCDOT approved PO Prime Contractor/ Subcontractor.

JKLG also operates 12 trucks for paving contractors, haul stone, demolition material or contaminated soils.

JKLG is a Turn-Key Grading Contractor or doing partial site work is an option you have with JKLG. Our employees are experienced operators and drivers who take pride in their work. We operate late model Cat equipment.

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