Dump Trucking and Hauling – Hickory, NC

A NCDOT-approved PO Prime Contractor/Subcontractor, JK Landscaping & Grading offers a wide variety of trucking applications to meet the needs of commercial and residential clients. Experienced drivers haul asphalt, stone, dirt, all types of demolition materials, rip rap, Class II rip rap, and some contaminated materials. Our well-maintained fleet of heavy equipment includes Triaxle, Quadaxle trucks with barn door and high lift applications, and demolition dump trailers.

Our dump trucking and hauling capabilities complement a full range of other specialized services including demolition, boulder walls, total site work, land clearing, erosion control, storm drainage, basement excavation, and shoreline stabilization. To learn more about hauling and other services, contact us at 828-322-6175.

JK Landscaping & Grading, Inc. offers a wide variety of trucking applications.

We haul:

  • Asphalt
  • Stone
  • Dirt
  • All types of demolition materials
  • Rip Rap
  • Class II Rip Rap
  • Contaminated Materials

We operate Triaxle, Quadaxle trucks with Barn door and high lift applications and Demolition Dump Trailers.

JKLG is a NCDOT approved Prime Contractor/ Subcontractor.

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