Demolition – Hickory, NC

What goes up must come down … eventually, and when the time comes for demolition, a professional is needed to handle the job. JK Landscaping & Grading -- a NCDOT-approved PO Prime Contractor/Subcontractor -- does residential and small commercial demolition. Partial and whole home demolition services are available. A crew of experienced employees uses modern heavy equipment to do the job as efficiently and safely as possible. Debris removal is handled with our dump trucking fleet, which is able to haul all types of demolition materials.

Following demolition, if the site is to be used for construction, we can continue the project with total site work preparation as well as installation of erosion control and storm drainage systems. Basement excavation services are also available. To learn more, give us a call at 828-322-6175.

JK Landscaping & Grading, Inc. does Residential and Small Commercial Demolition.

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