Boulder Walls – Hickory, NC

Natural stone adds beauty, dimension and stability to any landscape design. JK Landscaping & Grading provides boulder wall construction and large rock placement in a variety of applications. When used as a retaining wall, stone combines form and function to lend a dramatic focal point to a landscape while serving a practical purpose in terms of erosion control. Boulders and rocks also can be used to delineate paths, stabilize sloping gardens and for fire pits.

Specialized equipment and trained personnel are needed to ensure the proper placement and safe installation of boulders, which can range from several hundred pounds to well over a thousand pounds. JK Landscaping & Grading has a dump trucking fleet available for hauling all types of stone. In addition, other grading and excavation services also are available including land clearing. To learn more, give us a call at 828-322-6175.

JK Landscaping & Grading, Inc. builds boulder walls and large rock placement in many applications.

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