Parking Lot Renovation & Repair – Hickory, NC

There is much more to constructing a parking lot than clearing a bit of land and plopping down some asphalt. JK Landscaping & Grading specializes in all aspect of parking lot construction and renovation from land clearing to erosion control and storm drainage to asphalt hauling and paving. A NCDOT-approved PO Prime Contractor/Subcontractor, JK Landscaping & Grading is equipped to do total site work and construct a parking lot to meet all the specifications required by the state for commercial, industrial and retail sites.

With a crew of experienced employees and a full fleet of up-to-date heavy equipment, projects both small and large can move seamlessly from design to clearing to construction in a timely manner and on schedule. To learn more about the options we offer in parking lot renovation, repairs, construction and maintenance, give us a call at 828-322-6175.

JK Landscaping & Grading, Inc. specializes in parking lot renovations and repairs for Commercial Industrial and Retail sites.

JKLG can take it from design, demo to a finished product.

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