Looking for land clearing services in Hickory, NC?

With over 35 years of industry experience, JK Landscaping & Grading handles land clearing for projects both large and small, residential and commercial. 

  • General mass land clearing,
  • Selective tree removal
  • Thinning of trees,
  • Vegetation and stump removal,
  • Brush cutting and general cleanup.
  • Clearing for landscaping, paths, trails, etc.

Skilled employees operate a fleet of modern heavy equipment including a whole tree chipper and excavators to ensure all clearing projects are completed on time and on budget. After clearing is complete, we also offer total site work, erosion control, storm drainage and basement excavation services.

For all of your land clearing needs around Hickory, NC, contact us at 828-322-6175.

Our office is located at 1902 Highland Ave, NE Hickory, North Carolina, 28601.